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Skill Faculty

Who we Are

Skill Faculty is geared towards promoting and empowering individuals with skills to be more conscious of their brand and to have a sustainable knowledge of the teaching sense of professionalism through media. We organize competitional and promotional programs for people of all age groups that focus on incorporating local manufacturers and modern techniques to showcase our ability and love for skill.


To create a world where innovations are recognized and rewarded.


To recognize and promote young africans with creative ideas which can be turn to reality for the betterment of humanity. To create hope of a better world and environment for the upcoming generation.

What We have Achieved

Over the years

Skills Empowered
Less Privileged Clothed
Objectives Achieved

We need your Sponsorship

By sponsoring our cause, you are afforded the opportunity to support and encourage young people in the community to embrace what drives them creatively.

You also get to clothe the naked in our society. A lot of children have never worn new clothes in their life. Your donation and support will go a long way in providing at least 100 kids with brand new clothes, shoes and school bags made by our own African Designers